Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Great Patti Smith - Horses

To tell the truth it was the cover that first caught my eye.
The classic cool,the clean lines, the androgynous and sassy stare Patti confronts the camera with, the corner of light cast on the wall beside her.
The track listing also intrigued me, so I bought a copy.
I instantly fell in love. Knowing every song inside and out, I resort to this record in times of changing emotional states, it fulfills every need.
No claim to musical expertise the record is pure genius - the beauty of Patti's Lyrics, the beats, the ups the downs, just every little raw and vivid emotion that comes through lifts me every time. Quite possible the soundtrack of my life!
I think I could write an entire thesis on the subject.
I buy it for friends hoping they too will get the greatness of this record.

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