Monday, 27 April 2009

Nip and Tuck

Perhaps comforting to know that preoccupations with the female form are not a recent phenomenon. The early signs of using tools to perfect are clearly evident in this old snapshot. The pen marks demonstrate an attempt at adjusting the woman's waist, a nip here and we shall curve round there, shave a few inches off - who will spot the difference?

Who was actually responsible for this act of graffiti remains answered, the woman in the portrait, the photographer, a child ?
The image affirms that, Spirit and staged photography aside, there is generally more credibility in old photos. Of course the truth element is more questionable now, with all the possibilities that photoshop provides and especially where fashion/portrait photography are concerned. What we see on the page/internet etc.. is often only a part of the real often greatly enhanced to the point of unachievable perfection.

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